Legal assistance for companies during COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected legal and economic environment in Germany, creating a variety of problems that companies are struggling to respond to. In this situation, we have launched a dedicated Business Desk for any inquiries related to the legal aspects of running a business during the epidemic:  

- The most important facts about the pandemic from an employment perspective;  

- Effects of the coronavirus on supply contracts; 

- How do business owners approach their landlords to negotiate rent breaks; 

- Commercial real estate landlords and tenants;

- Questions concerning the public protective shield for companies by the German Federal Government.  

Please send an email to info(at)

'This extraordinary situation calls for solidarity and extraordinary measures', says Kay Ole Johannes, founder and lawyer at Anwaltskanzlei JOHANNES. 'Employers now have new obligations arising from the pandemic, they struggle with issues related to the organization of work in their teams and, most importantly, maintaining business continuity. All these problems have legal aspects as well, and this is why we are the right partner to assist businesses in these difficult circumstances', concludes Mr. Johannes.